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Print Solutions Ltd was established in 2013 and is one of the fastest growing companies in the field of products and consumables for the printing industry. The company is an official exclusive representative of leading German companies, such as EPPLE DRUCKFARBEN A and PLANATOL GMBH. In 2017, Print Solutions became the official partner of FINEST FOG GMBH, a leading European manufacturer of air humidification and reverse osmosis systems. Since 2018 Print Solutions represents PCO EUROPE, PULSE ROLL LABEL and PULSE PRINTING PRODUCTS. The company has offices and warehouses in Bulgaria and Romania. Print Solutions operates a modern fully automated mixing station, which enables the development and delivery of mixed inks according to the clients' requirements. This technology achieves an extremely accurate repeatability of the developed color for subsequent deliveries. Print Solutions Ltd was proud to be appointed as a representative of DRUCK CHEMIE since 2023.

Main areas of activity

The main areas of activity of Print Solutions Ltd are in three main streams:

Marketing and Logistics

Supply of high quality products to our customers

Technical support

Behind the company are the teams of our suppliers who are able to respond quickly to the most specific questions and requirements of the clients.

Mixing of inks

According to Pantone color charts and color development from a printed or wet sample provided by the customer

The palest ink is better than the best memory.

~ Chinese proverb


The team of Print Solutions Ltd is committed to offer a professional service and high quality products meeting the highest European standards. The company offes a wide range of products and systems in the field of polygraphy. The reason to be proud of our work and products are our customers who deliver printed production to leading global and European companies.

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Waterbased varnishes


UV varnishes


Thermo adhesives


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Industrial adhesives


Systems, testers, cleaners, powder, washing agents


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